The clinical examination allows us to identify the reason for your consultation.

There are several reason for which one consults a podiatrist:

  • A pain
  • Unusual deformation of footwear
  • Difficulty putting on footwear
  • The appearance a deformity of or increasing deformation of the foot
  • A simple question
  • The need for advice
  • Etc

You can consult spontaneously or upon the advice of a doctor, a surgeon, a physiotherapist an osteopath etc.

The examination consists of several steps:


A series of questions

Which will allow us to identify the problem and in certain cases determine the causes

Analyse de votre posture

Analysis of your posture

Which will enable us to determine your general posture (frontal dorsal, side)

Analyse de la marche

Analysis of walking gait

Which will supply various element of information related to your footstrike position thanks to a video and a series of captors linked to your foot’s contact points.

Examen en décharge

Analysis in resting position

Which will allow us to determine, while seated or lying down, the suppleness of your joints, locate the pain, and carry out various tests in order to diagnose the problem.