It is a spring or support device that helps prevent or put an end to pain induced by periungual folds.

  • Orthonixia : the set of techniques whose common goal is to rehabilitate the nail and restore its functions
    • Steel wire and hook technique
    • Titanian wire technique
    • Resin strip technique
  • Indications : Treatment of morphological deformaties of the nail responsible for severe pain syndrome
  • Ingrown toenails
    • stage 1
  • Embeddded toenails
    • Periungual corns
    • Subungual hematoma
    • Onychogryposis resulting from trauma or micro trauma
    • Hypertrophied folds

Important: These techniques require an in-depth knowledge of the ungual structure, of foot-related ungual pedicure skills and of treatment required to correct nail dystrophy.  Long-term effective treatment can only be carried out successfully by a qualified podiatrist – chiropodist with experience of these varied techniques.

Onychogryphosis (ram’s horn)

Ingrown toenail stage 2


Trauma-induced atrophied nails